The value and utility of real property can be strongly influenced by the sound present or new sounds introduced from a variety of sources. Any development carries noise risks that can be major. Project viability could be influenced by existing sound reaching the site or the cost of controlling the sound produced by the project to make it compatible with neighboring properties.

Projects must comply with increasingly stringent local noise ordinances. Very distinctive sounds such as strong tones, music, speech, and impulses or impacts can be very distracting and intrusive even if not loud.

Projects funded by HUD require a particular type of analysis and calculation of expected sound levels following a HUD procedure.   

We are especially well equipped and experienced for evaluating and solving environmental noise problems in our primary service area. An initial site evaluation can identify problems from existing noise impacting planned usage, or difficulty of quieting planned operations.

Analysis and projection of potential noise can identify and prevent problems before they occur, reducing risk.  A full evaluation of existing situations usually requires a visit and measurements. Sometimes, problems can be identified based on general information about the site without a visit. If problems do exist, we can help develop noise controls to reduce the noise impact on the project or its neighbors.