What is an Acoustical Consultant?

Acoustical Consultants use a combination of scientific theory, analytical modeling tools, experimental data, experience, and judgment to analyze problems and provide advice. Answers to some common problems can be immediate, but many problems require analysis, measurements or both. The diverse backgrounds, specialties, and services among consultants can make it hard to find the best consultant for some projects. Qualifications and services should be carefully compared with the needs of the project. Acoustical consultants are not usually capable of handling technical concerns outside acoustics, for which other professionals should be involved in projects. An independent acoustical consultant should not be confused with someone working for manufacturers of acoustical products and systems that would have an interest in the sale of those products. Most qualified consultants work for one of the approximately 140 member firms of the National Council of Acoustical Consultants (NCAC). Stewart Acoustical Consultants, F. C. Schafer Consulting, and MMG Acoustical Consultants are all member firms of the NCAC.