Acoustical Testing Laboratories - Architectural Products

W. C. Sabine established the Riverbank Acoustical Laboratory near Chicago for acoustical research and testing.  The tests of sound transmission and absorption developed there have evolved into a series of ASTM standards.  The most commonly used laboratory standards in North America are ASTM C423 for sound absorption and ASTM E90 for sound transmission loss.  Other laboratories have been built modeled after Riverbank.  Some are independent.  However, many are operated by companies that make products with acoustical properties.  They use the laboratories to test their products and some offer testing services to others.  These laboratories have large rooms with hard walls.  There is a very heavy wall between a pair of rooms with an opening to test the sound transmission of walls, doors, or other panels. Laboratories should be accredited by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program of the U. S. Department of Commerce and most of the following are.  Some are accredited by other organizations which do not have such specific acoustic requirements.  The following laboratories offer testing by ASTM C423 and ASTM E90.

Riverbank Acoustical Laboratory - 1512 S. Batavia Ave., Geneva, IL 60134   -  Eric P. Wolfram - Director - 630-232-0104.

Intertek - operates labs in York, PA, Cortland, NY, and Lake Forest, CA.  The first two were originally the Architectural Testing, Inc. and Kodaras labs respectively.  Most of the architectural element testing is now done in York and Lake Forest, while the Cortland lab concentrates on testing of HVAC equipment.

Intertek Architectural Testing Services. - 130 Derry Ct., York, PA 17402  - Eric J. Miller - Senior Project Manager - Acoustics or Todd Kister - 717-764-7700

Intertek ETL Semko -  Industrial Park, Cortland, NY 13045 - phone number  607-758-6506

NGC Testing Services Acoustical Testing Laboratory -  Buffalo, NY - (Operated by a manufacturer of gypsum panels.)  - Robert Menchetti - Group Manager - 716-873-9750 X341

Owens-Corning Acoustics Resarch Center - Granville OH  - (Operated by a manufacturer of Fiberglas.  Offers additional product development services.)  - Kevin Herreman - Manager Acoustic Programs  1-740-321-6865

ETS-Lindgren Acoustic Systems - Austin, TX  - (Operated by manufacturer of acoustical enclosures and absorption products.)  - Mike Black - Technical Director - 800-531-5412

Element Acoustical Laboratory  - Minnesota  -(Independent test laboratory, has special facilities for plumbing equipment.)  - phone 651-659-7353 

Orfield Laboratories, Inc. - Minnesota -(Independent test laboratory operated by a firm also offering consulting services.)  - Steven Orfield  612-721-2455

Western Electro-Acoustical Laboratory - Santa Clarita, CA  - (Independent test laboratory, affiliated with acoustical consulting firm.}  - Steve Martin - Laboratory Manager - 661-775-3741

NWAA Labs - Elma, Washington  - (New lab with very large rooms and very quiet background, better data at low frequencies.)  -  Ron Sauro - 253-973-1018