This page pulls together in one place all our Self-Help information related to Environmental Noise or Community Noise including noise from transportation sources such as aircraft, highways, and railroads.

Printable Documents

Homeowners, buyers, and apartment seekers

Environmental Community Noise Discussion

North Carolina Local Noise Ordinance Discussion

Table Comparing North Carolina Local Noise Ordinances

HUD & FHA Noise Criteria and Analysis

Air Conditioners and Noise Ordinances

Insects that Serenade Us and Make Noise Measurements Difficult


Housing and Urban Development (HUD) The Noise Guidebook

Federal Aviation Administration Noise

Federal Railroad Administration Noise Impact Assessment

Federal Railroad Administration - Horn Noise Rule and Quiet Zones

  Federal Highway Administration 

  NC DOT Highway Noise Policy

NC DOT Highway Noise Analysis Procedures

Environmental Protection Agency (History)

Raleigh Durham Airport Noise Committee

Charlotte Douglas International Airport Noise Maps

Piedmont Triad International Airport

Hampton Roads Area     Chambers Field 2009

Maps for Chambers and Oceana  Oceana AICUZ

Hampton Langley Joint Land Use Study

     National Council of Acoustical Consultants

Acoustical Society of America (ASA)        ASA Noise by ASA        Institute of Noise Control Engineering-USA          

ASTM Standards Committee E33  

ASHRAE TC 2.6 Noise & Vibration Committee

American Heating and  Refrigeration Institute Standards

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Environmental Noise