The large number of projects we do, the large geographic area, and the small size of many projects make it impractical for us to visit and examine problems prior to having a contract.  Often, that visit is a major part of doing the job.  Our fees take this into account and allow us to offer a lower cost than would be possible if we did carry a greater marketing expense.  Occasionally, some exceptions are made for very large potential projects or special situations.  Since our normal fee schedule does not anticipate such extra expenses, these costs are factored into the fee if we get the job.

Normally, we gather information to allow us to budget a job  through telephone conversations and information provided electronically or through hard-copy drawings.

If a project is well defined, we will usually make the proposal in the form of a contract that can be emailed.  If the project has various options the client needs to consider, we will often provide a discussion of these with potential budgets for each option and questions prior to preparing the contract.

Most contracts are on our standard form based on an approved "not to exceed" budget billed according to our fee schedule or a fixed fee.  Occasionally, other contract forms can be accepted.  However, we do not accept long, complex contracts for small jobs.  AIA contract forms are typically not appropriate.  Those wishing to use their own contracts should make sure insurance requirements match the insurance we carry.