Noral D. Stewart, Ph.D., FASA, FASTM, INCE      
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Our firm founder, Dr. Stewart is now semi-retired, working part-time primarily assisting the rest of the staff and concentrating on work in the office, primarily on matters related to sound isolation.

Dr. Stewart was awarded the 2018 Laymon N. Miller Medal for Excellence in Acoustical Consulting

President of the National Council of Acoustical Consultants 2000-2002.

In acoustics since 1967 and consulting full time 1981-2015.

Consulting projects covering the broad spectrum of problems involved in architectural acoustics, environmental and community noise, and industrial-occupational noise control.

A native of North Carolina familiar with the environment, industries and building practices of the region.

Has assisted architects and engineers in the design of award-winning buildings and has helped owners correct problems in existing buildings.

Co-author of chapter on Community Noise in Fifth Edition of The Noise Manual of AIHA

Participates actively in the development of ASTM standards for architectural acoustics and community noise evaluation.  Received the Wallace Waterfall Award in 2005 for contributions to the development, preparation, and acceptance of standards in acoustics.  Received the ASTM Award of Merit in 2010 for
distinguished, dedicated, and outstanding leadership in developing and promulgating acoustical field test and community noise standards in ASTM International Committee E33 on Building and Environmental Acoustics and for liaison service as an expert with other acoustical organizations.

Service to the Facilities Guideline Institute on committee to develop acoustical requirements for residential facilities and on change proposal review committee for acoustics.

Principal noise control expert for the 1990 National Institutes of Health Consensus Conference on Noise and Hearing Loss.

Assisted industry and local governments in resolving community noise problems.

Taught a national community noise teleconference course for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Served as an expert witness in Federal District Court, North Carolina District and Superior Courts, South Carolina Administrative Law Court, and before arbitration proceedings.

A strong participation in technical society activities including over 45 years membership in the Acoustical Society of America, serving continuously on the local chapter executive committee since 1977.  Recognized as a Fellow of ASA for contributions to building acoustics and noise control. 

A record of over 75 publications, seminars, and presentations to technical societies, including 7 refereed papers, and 17 invited presentations to national and international conferences.

Elected to initial class of the NCSU Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Hall of Fame 2013


North Carolina State University
at Raleigh
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
*BSME (with honors)-1969
Graduate specialization in
acoustics and noise control

Phi Kappa Phi
Tau Beta Pi
Pi Tau Sigma



Technical, Standards, and Professional Activities:

National Council of Acoustical Consultants
**President - 2000-2002
**President-Elect - 1998-2000
**Vice-President - 1996-1998
**Board of Directors - 1994-2004
**Long Range Planning Committee- 2000-Life
** Chair 2002-2004

Acoustical Society of America
**Member since 1969, Fellow 2010
**Tech. Comm. Arch. Acoustics - 96-20
**Tech. Comm. on Noise - 95-10, 11-17
**North Carolina Chapter
****Chair 79-80,
****Sec-Treas 77-79, 83-91, 02-04
****Treasurer 91-96

ASTM International
   Award of Merit, Fellow ASTM 2010
   Wallace Waterfall Award 2005

Vice Chair - Committee E33 on
      Environmental Acoustics 04-09, 11-17
   Subcommittee chair E33.05 2011-
**Task Group Chair ASTM E336
       field sound isolation measurement
**Task Group Chair ASTM E1332
       outdoor indoor ratings
**Task Group Chair ASTM E1686
       environmental noise criteria guide

   Task Group Chair ASTM E557
       operable partitions
   Task Group Chair ASTM E2964
        door insertion loss

Institute of Noise Control Engineering
Laymon N. Miller Medal 2018
Co-Chair - NOISE-CON81
         1981 National Conference
**Papers review for
          Noise Control Engineering Journal

ASME International
**Member since 1967
**Papers review

Transportation Research Board
Aircraft Noise Subcommittee - Member