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 Homeowners, buyers, and apartment seekers

Environmental Community Noise Discussion

North Carolina Local Noise Ordinance Discussion

Table Comparing North Carolina Local Noise Ordinances

HUD & FHA Noise Criteria and Analysis

Air Conditioners and Noise Ordinances

Insects that Serenade Us and Make Noise Measurements Difficult

Worship Space Acoustics    Fellowship Halls

"Acoustical" Materials  Band & Choral Rooms    Gymnasiums

Schools       Classrooms         Libraries-Media Centers

Measuring and Rating Sound Isolation (NIC) and Partition Sound Insulation (STC)

Establishing STC and IIC Ratings    Privacy         Sound Blockage       

   Operable Partitions          Flanking    Use and Misuse of Vinyl

Impact Sound Isolation       The Thump in Floors of Frame Construction

Factors affecting Performance of Gypsum Walls

Converting Historic Buildings to Residential Use

Ventilation System Noise Control Guidance  Rating HVAC Sound in Rooms

Information Needed to Analyze Ventilation System Noise

LEED for Schools HVAC Guidance