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Architectural Acoustics

Environmental-Community Noise

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            Sites of Regional Interest
            National & International Organizations
            Federal Agencies dealing with Noise
            Sites Providing Education in Acoustics
            University Sites
            Canadian Architectural Acoustics Research
            Sites about Classroom Acoustics
            Acoustical History
            Acoustical Testing Laboratories
            Sound Level Meter Manufacturers
            Noise Activists

Printable Documents

            Homes, Condos, Apartments
            Environmental Sound in the Community
            NC Local Noise Ordinance Discussion
            Table Comparing NC Local Noise Ordinances
            HUD and FHA Noise Criteria
            Air Conditioners and Noise Ordinances
            Insect Serenades Make Measurements Difficult
            HUD and FHA Noise Criteria
            Worship Space Acoustics
            Fellowship Halls a most common problem
            Band/Choral Rooms
            Libraries-Media Centers
            Converting Historic Buildings to Residential
            Acoustical Performance of Gypsum Walls
            Rating Sound Isolation, NIC, STC
            Establishing STC and IIC Ratings
            Sound Blockage
            Operable Partitions
            Impact Sound Isolation
            The Thump in Floors of Frame Construction
            Flanking of Sound around Partitions
            Use and Misuse of Acoustical Vinyl
            HVAC Noise Control Basic Guidelines
            Rating HVAC Noise in Rooms
            Data needed for HVAC Analysis
            LEED for Schools HVAC Guidance


Basic and Advanced Acoustics Texts
Acoustical Consulting Practice
General Architectural Acoustics
Specific Types of Architectural Spaces
HVAC Noise & Vibration Control
Noise and Acoustical Measurements Handbook
Noise Control Textbook
Noise Control Treatises
Hearing Conservation
History and Biography

Frequently Asked Questions

 FAQ General Acoustics

What is an acoustical consultant?
What do we hear as sound?
How do we quantify sound?
How do we measure sound?

FAQ Environmental and Community Noise

How does sound spread outdoors?
There is an annoying siren-like noise in our neighborhood, but it does not even change the sound level when it starts and stops. Why is it so annoying?

FAQ Architectural Acoustics

What does a sound absorbing material do?
How do walls block sound?
Why is my church fellowship hall so noisy?
Why do the footsteps of my neighbor upstairs sound like an elephant?
Why is my child's classroom so noisy they cannot hear the teacher?
My child's classroom is quiet, but they still cannot understand the teacher. Why?
We just had a new sound system installed, but there are dead spots in the room, and places where words are not understood. What is happening?