Bruel & Kjaer 2250

Larson-Davis™ 2800


                                 Casella 633B   



Software and demonstration

The EASE computer program allows us to develop a three dimensional physical model of a room in the computer, to evaluate  geometrical as well as reverberation properties.  The Auralization feature allows us to demonstrate an approximation of what the room will sound like and evaluate the effect of design options before construction.

We have expanded our ability to present high quality auralizations and other sound demonstrations using specially selected and calibrated headphones and preprocessing tools.  This can be set up with visual walkthroughs and general visuals to orient the listener. 

SOUNDPLAN allows us to model outdoor sound propagation including the effects of barriers in accordance with international standards.We can import from Google Earth and other sources the geographic information system (GIS) data and image overlays as well as site plans to develop more precise and complex noise propagation maps for all kinds of sources, whether building equipment, transportation corridors, aircraft, outdoor venues (loudspeakers) or industrial sources.  We can also properly assess outdoor mass evacuation systems with this tool.  It allows us to more efficiently problem solve, and develop cost effective solutions and display results in a way that is easier for everyone to grasp (using color plots and contour maps).






Our workhorse instrument is a Bruel & Kjaer 2250 with backup by a Larson-Davis 2800 and a Casella 633.  These are  Precision Type 1 Sound Level Meters and frequency analyzers.  All provide     Octave-band or One-third Octave band and statistical analysis in real time with data stored in the instrument.  The 2250 adn 2800 also have FFT narrow band analysis

The B&K 2250 and Casella 633 also provide short term or long term logging and monitor ability and the ability to record the actual sound being measured in the instrument.  The LD 2800 has some features not available in the other instruments.

A backup instrument is Larson Davis 800B.  It does octave and third-octave measurements one band at a time, with averaging capability.  It also has a extremely rapid peak response time for up close gunshot measurements.

We have six Type I Precision microphones three air-condenser and three electret, and an accelerometer for use with these instruments.

Three Larson-Davis 700 instruments are also available for long term environmental noise measurements or as personal dosimeters for occupational noise evaluation.





We have four acoustical calibrators,

  Bruel & Kjaer 4231 Type 1

  Bruel & Kjaer 4230

  Genrad 1987

  GenRad 1986 multi-frequency, multilevel

  These are regularly compared and at least one is certified every year.

We also have a Bruel & Kjaer 4294 vibration Calibrator



Sound Sources

A pair of QSC amplified Loudspeakers allow us to test isolation between rooms and absorption and reverberation in rooms.

A unique Acculab loudspeaker is used to test isolation between workstations in open offices according to ASTM standards.




Larson Davis 800B                    Larson Davis 700

Bruel & Kjaer™ 4231    GenRad 1986

                            Acculab Speaker





           QSC K10 Speakers