Much of our work is investigative so it is hard to know exactly how much effort will be required.  Thus, historically many projects have been invoiced according to our fee schedule within an agreed budget.  Many architectural jobs and others with a well defined scope are now done at a fixed fee.

Fees are charged at an hourly rate that varies with the experience of the consultant.  An additional contract initiation fee is charged for the first hour.  This allows us to do smaller jobs without raising the hourly rate for all jobs.

Travel time is discounted.  A premium rate is charged for travel time on weekends or during late night-early morning hours.

A premium rate is charged on work that clients require to be done on nights or weekends or on such short notice that the work of others must be shifted to these times.  This premium is also charged for work in preparation for expert witness testimony.

Instruments for measurements are a significant expense for a service not needed by all clients.  Thus, an extra charge is made for use of instruments rather than increasing the hourly rates for everyone.

Miscellaneous expenses including travel expenses are charged at cost with mileage at a fixed rate.  Such expenses are usually including within the fixed fee of fixed-feet contracts.  Reports are normally provided in PDF form for clients to print their own copies as needed.  An annual fee is charged to clients requiring special insurance treatment.