St. Francis of Assisi Church
Raleigh, NC

Stewart Acoustical Consultants was founded in 1979 to provide, experienced, independent, professional consulting services exclusively in acoustics and noise control for the architectural, environmental, and industrial workplace markets. Clients include architects, engineers, industry, schools, governments, property owners, churches, & attorneys.

Our combination of training, breadth of experience, leadership of our core staff, our total team including affiliated consultants, and technology is unmatched by any other firm headquartered in North Carolina, southern Virginia, South Carolina or Tennessee.  This approach of a solid core plus affiliates allows us to scale our operations to meet demanding schedules on architectural projects.

We investigate, analyze, and provide advice on acoustics and noise control to enhance value and functionality, and reduce risk for new projects. We help resolve existing problems in buildings, workplaces, and the outdoors. We are not associated with the sale of any product. Now with our affiliation with F. C. Schafer Consulting in our office,  we can provide quality and unbiased designs of audio and video systems. 

We strive to control costs for clients through our marketing and contract practices, fee structure, and limitations on project scope where necessary.

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Member - National Council of Acoustical Consultants