In addition to our employed staff, we maintain close working relationships with affiliated consultants who work closely with us on projects bringing their particular skills to bear.  These are a group of highly qualified individuals including a former employee and others we have worked with for many years.  Three are strongly involved on a regular basis and others are called upon as needed.  Fred Schafer has worked with us on audio systems for over 30 years and shares our office.  Mathew George is a former employee skilled in our methods of analysis.  Richard Honeycutt brings a long history of experience in acoustics, audio, writing, and teaching.  John Stewart is highly experienced in industrial and machinery noise and Howard Quin brings experience in architectural and environmental areas.

Richard Honeycutt , PhD

   EDC Sound Services  

  Room Acoustics, Audio 


Howard Quin, PhD                       
 Howard Quin Consulting, LLC 

 Architectural Acoustics &   Environmental Noise


 Eric Reuter, BS, INCE Board Certified
 Reuter Associates, LLC  
 Environmental Noise Modeling



 Tim Lavallee, MS, PE                      
  LPES, Inc.  
  Environmental Noise Modeling


 Kevin Bengel, PE                      
  Alamance Consulting Engineers  
  Environmental Noise







     Fred Schafer, BS
  consulting, l.l.c.

    Audio, Video, Lighting
    Room Acoustics
    Field Measurements


Mathew George, MSME
   MMG Acoustical Consultants

  HVAC Noise
  Room Acoustics



 John Stewart, PhD
Industrial & Machinery
Noise & Vibration Control